Friday, 28 February 2014

The Morning Writing Ritual

The days are getting lighter (I simply love this time of year) and getting up in the morning is getting easier. We are fast approaching half-term, when D and I get a chance to regroup our thoughts, catch up on home chores, run errands, pay bills and all the other things that working 60 hour weeks makes you neglect. 

Last week my morning were taken up with exercise - my morning walk or run, with or without the dogs, or some yoga. This week, due to illness (I blame it on the kids at school!), it has been mainly writing. 

Although I find writing a pleasure, I cannot quite pinpoint which part of it gives me that pleasure. I have a feeling it is completing my writing and the feeling of accomplishment, rather than the act of actually writing. 

I have been reading a lot about Flow and how an activity does not have to be pleasant to induce this state of flow, but it has to be challenging, and meaningful. 

My writing can be meditative and sometimes a struggle to get out. I love the ritual of it all, I love sitting at my (very messy) desk, sipping my tea, contemplating what to write. I hate the blank page... but it soon fills with words. 

So here I am, this morning too, trying to put my thoughts on the screen, enjoying the quiet and the 40 minutes of morning bliss, in my fluffy dressing gown. Soon it will be time to get dressed, drive to school and face the needs and wants of twenty seven year olds. My desk will be here waiting... until tomorrow morning. 

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