Saturday, 22 February 2014

A Warm Welcome

A few days ago, I shared with you this post on Additions I spoke about the purchase of a little toy. It was only a small gesture, but for me it was huge - in a way it solidified in my mind that I will (hopefully, fingers crossed) be a mum before the summer. 

I am totally rational person (99.9% of the time) but this adoption has brought with it a host of superstitions. This is strange for me. I have never take to magical thinking and, I realise, in my rational brain that my buying this toy (or starting to think about the kids' room, or any other host of normal activties expectant parents indulge in) has no bearing on the outcome of this adoption. I know it. But do I really know it? There seems to be a part of me that retains the superstitions I laugh off in others... 

Anyway, the new additon came back with me, carefully wrapped in my pyjamas for the trip over. I showed him to D and he was pleased and we placed him on our dining room table for a couple of days. 

On Friday morning I woke up to find that Hardy, one of our four lovely dogs, had decided to make him feel welcome. Very welcome. Here he is, in safely tucked into her basket. 

She must have had him in with her overnight and, as she does with a lot of her stuffed toys, must have spent hours grooming him... He looked sticky and smellt... of dog. 

Nothing to do but a warm bath:

Some time to dry in the basin:

And a little sunbathing in the garden to dry out those wet ears:

Of course, under the watchful eye of Flynn, our youngest doggy:

All's well that ends well. He is now safely on my desk, out of reach of dogs, fully dry and happy to have had such an adventure (I would like to think...)

It is all bringing home how two kids and four dogs might be quite the challenge... 

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