Adoption Resources

A few useful links with information, a few books, as well as some of my very favourite blogs and books:


Creating a Family
A wonderful resource which includes information on adoption and reproductive technologies, country charts, a wonderful blog and my personal favourite: a weekly podcast on all things infertility or adoption related. 

The Infertility Therapist
Although she does not write often, she writes wonderfully! On infertility, adoption and blended families. 

The Eyes of my Eyes Are Opened
Beautiful kids, beautiful mum, beautiful family, beautiful writing. Enough said.

My Fascinating Life
Funny, inspired and inspiring. Thought inducing, especially her posts on attachment and ethical adoption. And she's written a great book (see below). 


A lot of practical advice on attachment and general parenting all the way from meeting your child to the teenage years (and goodness knows they can be a challenge)!

Specifically for those of us who are adopting toddlers, it explores the unique joys and challenges. 

Does what it says on the tin...

No Matter What: An Adoptive Family's Story of Hope, Love and Healing
Lovely, sweet, painful, difficult, hopeful and truthful.

Hypothetical Future Baby: An Unsentimental Adoption Memoir
Loved it. Read it twice. Might read it again. Laugh-out-loud funny and truthful to the core! Written by Claudia Chapman, of my fascinating life blog (as above). 

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