Friday, 13 June 2014

Life is Too Short...

... to worry. 
I know, if you actually know me in real life you are wondering who I am and what I have done with the real Alex, but trust me, it's me. Not sure why, but I am having a totally Zen week, of "what will be, will be". It could be the meditation, it could be the weekend of just "being", not sure what it is, but I feel relaxed and happy. 

Although I am made to worry, I could be a professinal worrier, this week I go forward thinking that if D and I are well, then all is well. 

I am extremely proud of my worry-free status - long may it last! 

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

The Beauty of Being

We have just spent a weekend away, staying in a treeouse, outside a small village in the Peloponnese. We were surrounded by huge mountains and forests, the smell of spring, the sound of birds and some falling rain. 

It was the most beautiful weekend, just what we needed to celebrate our fifth year anniversary. It has been a tough five years and yet it feels like it has been the biggest treat that we have been able to spend it together. 

This weekend was a lesson at simply being. We did not "do" much: I wanted to intentionally shift my mindset from "doing" to "being". A lot of this "being" involved sitting side by side, looking at the view. Listening to the rustling of the wind. And just... being. 

What a wonderful time we had - and although it was less than 48 hours it felt long and refreshing. 

Sunday, 1 June 2014

A Sunday in Town

Athens is lovely in spring. It is cooler than in the summer, yet the weather tends to be mostly predictable and mild. It is not as full of tourist than at other times and the light... the light is just the most beautiful thing you will ever behold. It bathes the buildings with a glow, a freshness, that makes the thousand year old marble look new! 

We woke up this Sunday, early as ever, and decided we had not been in town for a while. We live about 40 kms from the centre, and so an excursion there is not always possible, depending on traffic and errands. 

But it was Sunday, the shops were closed (as always on a Sunday) and the roads were quiet. We got in the car and drove in. 

What a day:

We climed up to the Acropolis rock. It was busy, but worth it. A coold breeze made it all so much more bearable than it is in summer. 

The Erectheion, clouds and Parnitha in the background. 

Lycabettus under clouds, and the coral city (as D calls it, all around).

All followed by a yummy (and good value for money) lunch at the Acropolis museum. 

A nice day to celebrate our first (and unofficial) wedding anniversary. Next week for the "real thing"! 


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