Tuesday, 10 June 2014

The Beauty of Being

We have just spent a weekend away, staying in a treeouse, outside a small village in the Peloponnese. We were surrounded by huge mountains and forests, the smell of spring, the sound of birds and some falling rain. 

It was the most beautiful weekend, just what we needed to celebrate our fifth year anniversary. It has been a tough five years and yet it feels like it has been the biggest treat that we have been able to spend it together. 

This weekend was a lesson at simply being. We did not "do" much: I wanted to intentionally shift my mindset from "doing" to "being". A lot of this "being" involved sitting side by side, looking at the view. Listening to the rustling of the wind. And just... being. 

What a wonderful time we had - and although it was less than 48 hours it felt long and refreshing. 

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