Saturday, 15 February 2014


I have been spending a few days in the UK, first a couple of days in London, for work and now a day and a bit in Cambridge, with my dear friend J. 

Part of today was a shopping trip, into Cambridge to get various things that we cannot get in Greece, like the great variety of teas, which I have unpacked and repackaged into small ziplock bags and stuffed into my suitcase. 

We also went into Baby Gap, something I have not done before - not to buy anything anywyay. 

I am proud to announce that I have bought the first real item that is meant for the kids. In fact this little dog is meant for B, the three year old girl we have been matched with. When we met her back in October we had brought a small photograph album with us to leave with her and had taken several pictures of the dogs for her to look at. She was delighted at it all and kept on calling "wo-shaa" which is the Amharic for "dog". 

So here it is, the first toy I have dared to buy... Still in the wait, but feeling more confident it might happen soon! (A couple of families who have been waiting with us have now been given dates, hence my guarded optimism...)

Does it remind you of anyone?

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