Thursday, 13 February 2014

10 things I love about my husband

(A Valentine's special...)

Ok, smug-post alert! It is Valentine's day today, and I am away from home for work. I am generally not one to think much of Valentine's day, and as a couple we normally don't plan very much, maybe a longer walk with our dogs, maybe a nicer dinner. But this year we are most likely celebrating our last "just -the-two-of-us" Valentine's day. Apart. Here's a post just about my wonderful husband and the big and little things that make him great:

1. His wisdom
D is incredibly wise. He has a feel for life, a sense of perspective that others (including me quite often) lack. He is able to retain his composure and have perspective at the hardest times. He is also able to share that with me, when I need it most!

2. His generosity of spirit
D is a generous person, no doubt. But it is his generosity of spirit that was evident to me from the first day we met. He offers up his time, effort, energy, wishes, help so freely and to everyone who needs them. 

3. His sense of humour
He makes me laugh. That's all.

4. How he does the shopping, makes me dinner when I'm home late and shares the household chores
If you know me well, then you know how I hate grocery shopping. I don't know why, I just find it incredibly boring and unfulfilling as an activity. While we lived in the UK we had all our shopping delivered from one of the local supermarkets, to our kitchen every Monday night. It was great! I did all my shopping online (well, I actually had a repeat list from which I added or took away things as needed). Alas, Greece has no such luxuries, and so the grocery shopping was quite a chore for me. For the last few months D has taken that over, while I have one of my private lessons. He has now become an expert shopper and I am a lot happier that I don't have to walk around the fluo-lit aisles for an hour every week. On top of that, he makes me dinner when I get home late and shares all the household chores with me. What's not to love?

5. What he looks like first thing in the morning
I simply love waking up next to him. A few months after our wedding I was talking to a friend and mentioned this. She warned me I had another six months of that, before I would stop noticing, or even worse, start being bothered by him being there when I woke up. Well, I am glad to announce that after five years I still love waking up next to him. I love the way he looks when he wakes up, and how he looks at me. And I love it when, three times a week, I get a cup of tea in bed! (We take in turns - the other mornings are mine...)

6. How great he is with children
D is a teacher. He has been teaching for three years and is great at his job. He is an inspiring teacher to have, I have little doubt. But even before that, he has always been attentive, caring and calm in the way that he interacts with little people. I simply cannot wait to be a parent with this guy!

7. His manners
He has great manners. I noticed very early on after meeting him that his manners, on and off the table, are impeccable. 

8. How he makes me feel
He grounds me, he calms me and excites me at the same time. With him I feel like I can achieve anything!

9. How he loves animals
He is incredibly playful, caring, and firm, with our dogs. To me that's a sign of a great person. 

Here he is, bottle feeding our little pup, Hardy (who is now 15 times that size)!

...and finally...

10. How he loves me
He loves me unconditionally and with all his heart. He makes me feel that every day. 

There is no doubt in my mind that I have won on  the husband lottery!

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