Friday, 21 February 2014



While the other side of the world is buried under snow, and the UK is getting storm after storm and flooding, Greece has enjoyed the mildest winter we have certainly experienced since we moved here. 
It has been strange, not getting a proper winter. It has been great in many ways, mainly in the fact that we have saved hundreds of euros not heating our house. On the other hand it feels like we have skipped something - a whole season has passed us by. 

At the moment though, our garden is blooming! And that is fantastic. It is time to prune the olive trees and hope that this year, they will bear fruit. Our trees were burnt back in 2009, when a forest fire devastated our area - our home narrowly escaped being burnt, but our garden didn't have such luck. They have since started growing again and we are hoping that this year they will bear fruit for us to get some olive oil and some eating olives. 

Our orange and lemon trees have done better and we have had a lot of fruit this year.

As you can see we have been particularly bad about picking them... 

I love spring. I love the smells and I love the way that it gives me hope... Better days are coming! 

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