Tuesday, 20 May 2014

The (slightly late) Tuesday TED talk - Consuming Wisely

Linking in with my Mindful Buying  of a few days ago is this TED talk about the post-crisis consumer. I like it for two reasons.

One: I like talks, ideas and philosophies that centre around the idea of  "crisis as opportunity". If you are lucky enough to be able to recover from the crisis, then it can be seen as an opportunity for change. And while, on the whole, I don't like Nitzsche's quote: "That which does not kill us makes us stronger" (because in many cases it is not correct) I do think it is apt on this occasion.

Secondly: I like the main idea that we do have power as consumers. We can make stronger, wiser choices that can have a far-reaching effect. Voting with our feet and with our money, we could make a difference. Mind you, John Gerzema does not tell us how we should consume, just that we can be mindful doing it.

Anyway, I have a tough (but very short) week ahead, with D away on a residential trip with 40odd kids and me holding down the fort alone...

Enjoy the talk here:

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