Saturday, 24 May 2014

10 things about being Home Alone!

I had a week at home alone. Well, not quite at home, as three out of four nights I did not get home before 9 in the evening. And not quite alone, as the four doggies kept me good company (when I was around). But D was on a residential trip with forty 11 year olds and... I wasn't (thank goodness)!

The photo he sent me from his trip. Looks idyllic, but that's only because you cannot hear the 40 11 year olds... 

But still, it makes quite a change from having D around all the time. We work together, and live together, and train together and socialise together a lot of the time, so it was strange to not have him around for any of those things.

The week went by fast and I realised there are definitely some things I liked about being home alone... and some that I certainly didn't. So here are 5 things I enjoyed... and 5 things I didn't, this week. Here are the five things I enjoyed about being home alone.

1. I loved not having to cook
I eat much less than D. I am also a morning eater, while he is more of a night eater. I eat lots until about 5pm and then my appetite naturally wanes. Often in the evenings I don't feel like cooking or eating, but because D is around I do both. Not so this week! My dinners centred around light snacks, like home made popcorn (here is a good post if you need to learn how to pop your own), yoghurt and fruit and hard boiled eggs.

2. Which meant there was very little cleaning up
Being on my own (and being largely out of the house all day) I only used about two cups, one glass and a couple of plates. All washed up and dried - I didn't even need to use the dishwasher for the four days I was home alone! Lovely!

3. Sleeping in the dark!
Although we share a bed, we don't always share a bedtime in the week. That means that I usually fall asleep with the light on, and when D comes to bed tend to wake up and fall asleep again. These few days it was nice to be able to sleep through those first few hours of sleep (though I actually really didn't enjoy sleeping alone...)

4. Morning routine
I am not sure why, but being a morning person my morning routine is quick and efficient. I could go from bed to car in 15 minutes if I had to. (I normally don't, as I get up much earlier than I need to.). D on the other hand takes time to wake up and get ready. I'm not even sure what he does, but he takes his time. Well, this week I managed to get to work earlier than usual and have time to enjoy a cup of tea there.

5. More time for learning
I love spending time with D. Whether it is chatting, or cooking or eating our meal together, or having a bath, when he is around at home I want to spend time with him. Which is great, of course. However, this week, without the delight of his company I managed to put some solid time on the two online courses I am currently taking. Usually I feel guilty if I have to choose an online lecture over eating together, but this week my choice was easier. Plus, I covered two weeks worth of work, giving us more time together this week!

And here are the five things I hated about not having him around!

1. Running the house is such hard work
Sorting out the compost, emptying the grey water, watering the garden and looking after four dogs all take time. I really appreciate and realise just how much D does around the house and garden. I struggled to do everything on my own this week and certainly appreciate having him back!

2. Waking up alone
I simply love waking up to D! It is my favourite moment of the whole day and I love opening my eyes to see him there (usually still asleep). I love our morning routine, the tea in bed, the morning conversations - it really is the greatest start to my day. Luckily... he's back!

3. No long walks
The other favourite part of my day with D is our long walks with the dogs. Although they have become rarer, due to the fact that we don't have sole control of our "dog car" at the moment, they are still such a delight. We catch up with each other, we discuss our days and bounce ideas off each other. We enjoy watching the dogs run around, sniffing and weeing on everything (the dogs, not us)! No D, no walks, as I don't feel happy enough taking four dogs out on my own up on the mountain. In fact, cannot wait for our walk tonight!
4. Talking
D and I talk a lot. Ok, maybe I talk more than he does, but I really value his opinions and I usually discuss everything that is bothering me/needs a decision/has happened, from the bullying incident at school, to an upcoming interview or a presentation that I need to make. He is grounded and solid and a great advice giver! I certainly missed that!

5. Sharing
I love sharing my life with D. Sharing the big things and sharing the little things. Looking at the moon rise a couple of nights ago, I felt I could not quite enjoy it without sharing it with him. Life is so much better when shared!

Actually I could keep going... I am so pleased that he is back and I am looking forward to a great weekend, with some sun, some voting (!) and some good food. 

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