Saturday, 31 May 2014

Life's too Short... worry about the rainclouds!

We have had an unusually cloudly spring here in Greece. Usually around this time of year it has started to feel like summer. The sky gets bluer, the sun gets hotter and we spend most of daylight hours avoiding being outside, for fear of burning to a crisp. 

Not this year! It has been a cool and delightful spring, with showers and cloud cover galore! It has been wonderful for those lovely long walks on the mountain, and for reading in the garden. Warm enough to enjoy, overcast enough to not get burnt. 

Yet, this silver lining... has a cloud too. We have had a little more rain than usual too. Don't imagine anything anywhere near English rain, just the occasional shower here and there (maybe three per week). 

It has made for very dramatic walks up the mountain for us. But I also know that it has foiled a lot of plans too. You see, we are very spoilt here in Greece. If it rains now, it has usually stopped a few hours later. And so, when the rainclouds gather, we tend to postpone. 

I compare this to how we were when we lived in London. When we would go out training come rain or shine, because we knew that waiting a few hours, or leaving it until tomorrow was unlikely to mean that we would get better weather. And you know what? Well... we never melted. Sometimes it might have been unpleasant (cold December mornings spring to mind) but most of the time it was liberating and life-affirming. 

So here it is: Life is too short to worry about the rainclouds. We are going out anyway (just packing our raincoat too... you never know)! 

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