Sunday, 4 May 2014

A Day of Rest

I have spoken before about Slow Sundays. I have written about the need to have the quiet space, yet often enough other things happen... Life happens.

It is a gift and I am grateful to have this one day a week. It is usually Sunday, by virtue of the fact that I have no work (rephrase: I don't have to go into work. There's always plenty of work at home...). We are also lucky that shops are not open in Greece on a Sunday - although D tells me they were open today. Either way we live too far from any shops for that to affect us. 

I feel I deeply need the one day a week: the Sabbath, the day of rest. I find that when I miss it I start the week hurried and chasing my own tail.

And so today I had the day of rest. I woke up early enough, before 8, but stayed in bed, reading and sipping tea. D had to go out (he took 25 kids to a running race. One of the reasons why I think my husband is wonderful is that he will willingly do this sort of thing) so I was home alone, with the dogs. 

My first hour was spent sitting in the garden with the dogs. I read some more, soaked up some rays, played with the dogs, smellt the flowers. 

I did do some work, but it was at my own pace and it felt more like unburdening my week, rather than loading up my weekend. It felt good to finish it and I go into Monday knowing this. 

I cooked, I cleaned a little, but mostly I relaxed. It felt good to not have a watch, to not care what time it was. I had a nap too! 

I loved my day of rest. I needed my day of rest. It was another one of my slow days. I keep promising myself to have more of those, but somehow working full time, plus my private lessons gets in the way of this. On other news, I applied and got a year's sabbatical leave!! Which means that hopefully soon I can have more slow days, with or without our kids (but certainly without other people's kids)!

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