Saturday, 5 April 2014

The Week Just Gone

Bronchitis! That's been what my week has mostly been about. A hacking cough, a burning chest, some difficulty breathing. Not great! No fever, no chills, just fatigue. In fact, if I am honest with myself I have had this for close to a month now, since my last cold. It left behind a niggling cough that seems to have worked its way down into my chest. So... here we are. Bronchitis!

The problem with being a little sick (not enough to not go into work) is that life becomes completely sterile. It becomes a race to Friday, a wake-up, go-to-work, try-to-make-it-through-the-day, go-to-sleep, rinse and repeat pattern. All pleasure seeps out. I realise that is largely because of how my life is structured: my priorities is (at this point has to be) work. The rest, the fun stuff, the exciting stuff, the stuff that keeps me happy gets lost in the effort to survive. That's because the "fun stuff" happens in The Extra Hour. And, when sick, the extra hour is useful in other ways... like some extra sleep.

However... I've made it to the weekend. The glorious weekend, with the luxury of time! With the possibility of sleeping for an extra hour and walking the dogs. And then, if I want to, I can also write! Oh, the luxury of time! 

We are also going away this weekend, to the island of Hydra. It is but a couple of hours from our house, and before we moved here we had vowed to visit regularly, but life got in the way and our weekends got taken over by other things. Well, today D and I are off to rediscover the first island that we ever visited as a couple (albeit for a race, which I will not be able to participate in because of the aforementioned bronchitis). 

A picture taken by D on our return trip, back in October 2007, a few months before we moved to Greece and after our first visit. 

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