Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Hydra Adventure

I'm struggling to write. I am emotionally and physically exhausted. Bronchitis, waiting, bronchitis, waiting. Coughing and checking emails obsessively does not make for a fun day. And working. What feels like a million hours a day (but is actually only about 14). 

So instead of writing, here are the pics from a wonderful weekend in Hydra with D (and some kids from school). He did great in his race. I did not run due to, you guessed it, the bronchitis. But the island was simply wonderful, as was the drive there!

Stopped at Epidavros beach for a quick healthy lunch.
Fava beans, more beans, beetroot and octopus! 

Leaving the mainland behind. 

Arriving by boat is great.

A walk around the island at dusk.

And then a morning cheering on the runners, walking by the beach and enjoying the sea breeze.

Gorgeous blue waters, though a little too cold for a dip. 

All in all an awesome weekend!

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