Sunday, 13 April 2014

Holidays are Olive Trees and Chamomile

It is dawning on me just how strange we might seem to the outside world sometime... 

Take yesterday, example. We are on holiday as of yesterday and for two weeks, for Greek Easter (which, this year happens to fall at the same time as Western Easter). 

What did our first Saturday on holiday consist of: not boozing, not going out, not sleeping in, not going for coffee for hours (which is customary here in Greece). It consisted of a run with the dogs.

It consisted of enjoying the spring flowers on the mountain.

It did consist of a coffee date with my husband. But it was short (and sweet)!

We then came home where he painted our olive trees (a weird practice where olive tree-trunks are painted with a mixture of chemicals to protect the tree from bugs) and I picked chamomile from our garden. Here it is drying, ready for next winter:
And here are the olive trees, white socks and all! 

To finish the day we went downtown to run in a short race around town, then have pizza and wine. 

All in all a fantastic start to the holiday and a reminder of just how much I love spending time with D. Here's to the next two weeks! 

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