Tuesday, 29 April 2014

The Tuesday TED talk

Ok, here's this week's TED talk. It's short, even shorter than last week's, so no excuses.

It's a topic very close to my heart. This post about why it's ok to go to bed at 10 is all about it. And the Extra Hour can only be productive because I have had a full night's sleep. (If for some reason my sleep was not as long as it should have been, like last night, I will often make the executive call to stay off the training bike and sleep in for another 40 minutes.)
 I am sick of the kudos attached to no sleep. I want to push towards the culture change of admiting that being fully rested is when we work at our best. Of equating driving after little or no sleep, to driving drunk. I want my surgeon to have had a full night's sleep. Same with my pilot. And if I had kids in school, I would certainly would rather their teacher was fully rested...

Here Arianna Huffington talks about the culture change. What do you think? Can we be part of the change? 

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