Saturday, 26 April 2014

A Big Day

Today was a Big Day. Not ours, alas, but of some very good friends with whom we have been through most of this process: the road to adoption. 

We met P and A on our fourth night in Ethiopia, a Greek couple who had gone through the paper trail, the home study and who were there, at the same time as us, to be matched with their kids. 
We gelled instantly - they were warm, on our wave-length, with the same concerns regarding ethics, with the same worries and hopes regarding transracial, international adoption. We enjoyed their company and kept in touch, and P has been my rock, the voice of reason and my help in all of this. I hope that I too, have helped her on some level. 

The long road to adoption came to a happy end today for them, as they return home with their precious children. A new journey, infinitely more exciting and rewarding has already started for them: the life-long adventure of parenthood. I wish them all the best - they certainly have the love, patience and energy to be wonderful parents. 

And we wait... but feel like our time is coming too. Somewhere out there, in the future... maybe soon. 

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