Saturday, 29 March 2014

Life is Long. Life is Short.

D and I have been together seven years. There are days when it feels like yesterday that we met. Then there are days when it feels like we have always known each other.

I have spoken about him a lot before, but this long journey, our adoption journey has made me appreciate him more than ever. For his willingness to embark on it. For his "can do" attitude towards the paperwork. For the way he embraced the process. For the way he embraced the children. For the way he supports me every single day through it. 

I have spoken about the wait. It is torturous. And I know people compare it to a pregnancy, but I cannot, because the similarities are fewer than the stark differences. We have been waiting over six months since our match. (The time before is meaningless to me.) Every day is long. Every day is a day that they spend without a family. A day that we spend without them. A day older. But at least I am with D. And he still makes me smile. 

*Update: There is some movement. There seems to always be some movement, just not of the right sort. Their papers are hopefully no longer stuck. As most of our peers, the people we started with together on this adoption journey, are flying out for their last court date, we continue to live in hope.  

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