Saturday, 22 March 2014

10 things I love about Spring

It's here! It is so definitely here, I can feel it on my slightly sunburnt face!

I simply love spring in Greece. It is real, and sustainable and melts into wonderful (yet hot) summer. So here are the 10 things that I adore about spring time. 

1. The longer days
I love waking up and it being light. I love the longer evenings too, even if at the moment I don't have the time to enjoy long walks with the dogs as the sun goes down. We did today... and it was lovely!
2. The light
Summer light can be harsh - it can bleach stones and blind you. Spring light is bright, but soft. It has this clarity to it, none of the haze of summer, or the weakness of winter. I love it at all times of day, but mostly at dawn and dusk. 

3. The new smells
Everywhere you go at the moment, there is a smell in the air, the smell of spring. The grass smells, the flowers smell, the orange trees are budding, the wisteria is spreading its aroma everywhere. Not to mention the thyme and oregano that fills the air on our mountain runs. 

4. More time to walk the dogs
Related to the above, but I love not having to "squeeze" a walk in, but instead have some time to really savour it. The dogs do too!

5. These flowers...
Something magical happens around late February here. The usually hard and stony ground becomes a carpet of green and small, beautiful flowers fill it. Each week, it seems, a different type is in bloom...

6. ...and these...

7... and these ones too...

8. Eating outside
We are incredibly lucky that we have the outside space to eat all our meals outside, if we so wish, and able to have breakfast, lunch and dinner at a different outside location around our garden. As the weather warms up we start enjoying our meals al fresco - it feels like such a treat!

9. Easter
Easter is coming up. It's a big deal here in Greece, but it is also a chance to spend some downtime, see family and reflect on the rebirth of nature around us. 

10. And finally... Summer is almost here...

There is palpable optimism in the air. Greek summers are slow, hot (sometimes too hot) and full of long evenings eating out, beautiful beaches, cool mountain walks and gorgeous fresh food... Cannot wait!

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