Friday, 29 May 2015

Wedding Season - How we met

We are celebrating this weekend: it is 6 years since we tied the knot, and 8 years to the day since we met. You see what we did here: we kept the date of meeting and getting married the same, hoping that it would aid us in remembering. It does. Sometimes. And when we forget (and start arguing about the dates) we check our wedding rings. Which, by the way, have a whole different date inscribed on the inside... That's a story for a different post.

So, this is us, eight years ago today, having dinner at a restaurant in a village outside of Zurich. 
We had both travelled from London to take part in a triathlon race- I had spent much of my week wondering whether I should go or not, as I had just raced a similar race the weekend before and I had some knee pain. Glad I went: on my first day at the hostel I bumped into D and his team. They were kind enough to take me in for the weekend and invited me to dinner that night. 

I seem to remember that I somehow engineered sitting next to him. When he ordered wine with his meal, the night before a race, I was shocked. Let's just say that D has taught me a lot about moderation since. 

I don't believe in love at first sight, but I was certainly very attracted to him. He was (and still is) handsome, polite and funny, athletic and friendly, shy and yet sociable. In many ways he was the yin to my yang - he still is a major balancing force in my life. 

The next day I made sure I sat next to him at breakfast too! I had to find a way to meet him again, but was too shy to ask for his number. It was clear that he wasn't going to either... 

I decided that the way to go was to borrow something of his and not give it back, so that I would have an excuse to meet again when we got back to Lobdon. So I did - I borrowed his race belt. Let's just say that even after eight years together it still lives in my race drawer. 
Photo from the less fun part of the weekend. Offending race belt can be seen in action. 

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