Wednesday, 15 April 2015

The days are long...

...but the years are short. Well, the months in this case. 

My husband just walked in to find me crying over a onesie.
I remember like it was yesterday (wasn't it yesterday?) that he had to do an emergency trip to the shops the day after O and I came home from the hospital to see if he could find something, anything that would fit our little boy. O was born a little early and was small, not tiny tiny, but at 2.3 kgs he was on the small side. The few things that I had bought (being very cautious with the pregnancy I had not bought much) were way too big for him. D took J and went off to the shops. When he came back with the zebra outfit (complete with stripy legging and hat) I remember laughing. When I put it on O it was still big!!

Three months on and I'm clearing out the drawers for the second time! He has grown and grown and grown and he is now, at only 3 months, in 6 month old clothes. Weighing in at a hefty 6.3 kgs. 

I love that he is growing, thriving really. But holding onto that onesie this afternoon I realise just how quickly it happens. Next thing I know they'll be off to school and then a few, short years later they'll be leaving home. 

I fed him a little later. And for those few moments I held him close, looking at his rhythmical sucking, feeling him so close to my heart, smelling his perfect baby smell. Oh little O how quickly you are growing! 

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