Wednesday, 4 February 2015


I have been thinking a lot about the scope of this blog- about my writing and the reason for it.

I have decided that this is not a blog about my kids: I want to preserve their privacy in some ways. More specifically I don't want to document J's start with us, easy or difficult as it may have been, as it is part of who he is and all that he has been through. That is his story to tell, when and if he wants to. 

I do, on the other hand, want to tak about my experiences as a mother. A mother of two young boys now!! (I can hardly believe it myself - give me some time!) I want to talk about the miracle and exhaustion of parenthood, about the snuggles and the tantrums - yes, all in one sentence because, as I am finding out, that's what parenthood is like, snuggles and tantrums often in the same sentence...

The first month of being a mum of two has passed. I need a top ten soon...

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