Thursday, 3 July 2014

In love with greens

Strangely, for people who live on over a thousand square metres of land, we grow our greens in pots, on our kitchen balcony. Part of the problem is that our four dogs have access to all of the garden (and I would hate "weed-on" greens). The other reason is the fact that no matter what D tried to dissuade our local snails that our chard was not the tastiest thing in the garden, it didn't work and our greens always had the tell-tale sign of being slug/snail snacks. 

So pots it is... and they have really taken off! We have several different types, baby spinach and Swiss chard being my favourite (Swiss chard is apparently a misnomer, as the chard is a native of the southern Med...). 
We have been going through loads of it pretty much every night, both as a salad and stir-fried/steamed. Its yummy goodness has accompanied pretty much every other dish we have eaten in the last few weeks...

I'm in love with my greens! 

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