Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The Extra Hour

I have been working pretty hard lately. Leaving the house usually just after 8 am (or sometimes just before) and getting home most nights after 8 pm. It's a choice and it is only temporary, I hope, but it is still making me feel tired and grumpy. 

One of the reasons why I have been grumpy is that I feel I am not doing the things that I would like to, like exercise, writing, reading and spening time with my dogs (how spoilt does that sound? Mothers of young kids please look away now)!

As a childless couple, or maybe I should say parents in waiting, we are quite spoilt with our time. Yes, we work hard, looking after other people's kids for more than 10 hours most days, but when we get home our time is our own. That's what most people think, anyway. It is not always that simple, as the planning, marking and preparation, added to the simple headspace that teaching takes up, leaves us with little free time. That paired with the fact that my natural off switch is around 8:30 pm, means that for the last few months I have had no free time...

Well, the solution was found. It is an obvious one, one that I know many busy mums employ. It is in fact something that I have done many times in my life when I felt there was too much to do and not enough hours in the day. It is as simple as setting my alarm clock to go between 5:30 and 6. And then not pressing the snooze button. In fact, this last step might be the most crucial in the process. 

So, here I am, in my spare hour of the day, writing, feeling decidedly smug with myself, while watching the sun slowly rise over the sea. It feels great to have gained an hour!

This morning's sunrise. 

And yesterday's: 

Ready to start the day! 


  1. Beautiful. Waking up early is painful at first, but allows you to do so much. That's how I managed to train for a half marathon. Plus, I love the feeling that the world belongs to me (since everybody else is still asleep). And, lucky you for living in Greece. I have been there twice (1999 and 2012, to see friends in Crete) but wish I could go whenever I want.

    1. That's exactly the feeling, Happiness!! This "the world belongs to me"! Spot on.
      As for Greece, it's definitely a mixed bag, but at the moment the balance leans towards the good (hence staying).

  2. I love this! I recently graduated college and just started my first full-time job. I'm coming off a dream internship with a blogger (Camille Styles) and have been an active creative writer for 8 years on my own blog, bridgetsowndiaryblog.com.

    I'm in the process of figuring out how realistic it will be to keep up my blog with a normal 9-5. You've inspired me to carve out the necessary time to do so..for the benefit of the blog, my job, and my well-being. Best wishes to you and thank you!!

  3. That's exactly as you wrote: 'carving out' the time you need. I tend to work in ten minute bursts now that the kids are young, but depending on your circumstances, there must be some time somewhere, for all the important things in life. All the best in your transition!



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